Custom built, pre-paid services billed monthly at a reduced hourly rate.

Web & email hosting packages, with UNLIMITED online storage backed by Google.

General troubleshooting to fix anything that just isn't quite right.

Standard data recovery for dead computers, damaged drives, or when you can't access those files that you need.

Virus cleanup for infected computer. Remove the virus and restore your computer to prime working condition!

Securely connect to your home or office network, wired or wireless. We can also do corporate VPN's and remote access tools!

Software installation, removal, or upgrade assistance. Includes Operating System, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Office, POS systems, and more!

Hardware installation, removal, or upgrade assistance. Includes home or office; PC, Mac, or Linux; Desktop, Laptop, or Server.

Full on-site network security audit, penetration test, and troubleshooting. By contract only, due to the sensitive nature of this work.